What is ChibiMation?

ChibiMation is a Character Creator and Story Telling app! Design your characters with a huge assortment of assets and create stories with them in the stage.

When will ChibiMation release?

The beta release is currently planned for mid-December, but it will be available exclusively to supporters. There isn't a specific release date for those who are not supporters yet, but its aim is mid-2024.

Is ChibiMation Out?

Chibimation is not yet available. The creators of the game will announce its release when the time comes. Be cautious of scammers and fake links claiming to offer downloads, as none of them are genuine. Remember, the official announcement will come from the original creators.

What devices is ChibiMation on?

Absolutely, the application is available for various platforms including: iOS, Android, and PC.

Is ChibiMation a mod?

"Chibimation" is not a mod; it is a stand alone app developed by PixelDream Labs. Created by the collaborative efforts of FemLol and Beowulf, it represents a unique endeavor within the gaming realm. Unlike a mod, which typically modifies an existing game to introduce new features or alter gameplay, Chibimation is an independent creation, separate from any preexisting game.

Is ChibiMation on the app store?

Chibimation is not available on the App Store yet, including the beta version. Please be cautious of any claims that it's already out or instructions on how to download it, as only the original creators can provide accurate information.

Is ChibiMation Free?

Of course! The app will indeed be free to use, and you'll have access to most features without any payment. However, there will be in-app purchases available for users who want to upload their own assets. These purchases are designed to ensure the quality and safety of the content within the game. It's a one-time payment to prevent any unauthorized or inappropriate assets, and to provide a secure experience for all users.

Does ChibiMation has LGBTQ+ items?

Yes, we're excited to offer a range of items that celebrate LGBTQ identities, including binders, shirts that will show top surgery scars, and a rainbow flag tail in Chibimation. We're committed to providing diverse and inclusive options for all our users.

How can I be an asset designer ?

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Asset Designer. Currently, the application form is not open.

Am I allowed to show my assets?

Absolutely! You can definitely share your own assets by posting them within the designated channels like #CustomAssets or #Media. This way, not only fellow members but also the team itself can see and appreciate your creativity.

How I can download ChibiMation?

Currently, there isn't a way to download ChibiMation, as it hasn't been released yet.

Be cautious of scammers and fake links claiming to offer downloads, as none of them are genuine. Remember, the official announcement will come from the original creators.

I have a suggestion for ChibiMation, where can I put it?

Share your suggestions in ⁠#dc-suggestions ⁠#bot-suggestions ⁠#app-suggestions! We’re always checking it and looking for ways to implement your ideas, but please understand that suggesting doesn’t mean it’ll end up in ChibiMation.

How can I support the development of ChibiMation and the Team?

We've launched a Ko-fi for our Designers to assist them in getting them the technology and programs they need. Kind words to the design & mod team, suggestions & sharing ChibiMation content are great methods of support for our team and this community at the moment. Thanks!

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